The Full Moon Festival A.K.A. Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncake-mid-autumn-festivalNow that Autumn is upon us and many are getting prepared to celebrate holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas here in America, we thought we would share one of Taiwan’s most favored traditions and celebrations, The Full Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival.  As many of you may know Taiwan is a country and a culture that is big on both family and traditions, the Full Moon Festival being one of the most looked forward to celebrations among Taiwanese families, because afterall it is a family celebration! Read on to learn a little more about this coveted celebration and all that it has to over:

Taiwanese Full Moon Festival

  • Mooncakes- Mooncakes are perhaps what the Mid-Autumn or Moon festival is centered around.  These round “cake” delicacies are shaped for the full moon and the meaning of family.  They are traditionally filled with minced meat such as pork, but in recent years have also been known to be filled with sweet treats such as ice cream.  They are sought after by many at authentic Taiwanese markets, restaurants and bakeries and there really is no celebration without a moon cake!
  • Tales of the Moon- The children of Taiwanese culture look forward to hearing their parents rendition of the two tales centered around the moon.  One tells of Chang’e or the Moon Goddess. chang'e-moon-goddess-taiwanShe is said to have drank a potion that would give her everlasting life and then went to live on the moon where she still resides. The next tale is centered around her and her rabbit companion.  It is told to children that if they look up at the moon they can see the rabbit marked in the full moon.
  • Admiration of the Moon- When the night is clear you gather your family in Taipei and head to the beloved national park named Yangmingshan to gaze up and admire the moon.  Something so simple and majestic yet so fulfilling and great quality time spent with family. You don’t have to be in Taipei or its national park to admire the moon.  You can simply take a few moments anywhere you are and gaze up and appreciate its beauty and light.

While the Full Moon Festival or Mid Autumn Festival is one that is simple it is a prized tradition among most Taiwanese families.  Just like you do not have to be from the Taiwanese culture to appreciate the delicious food or make beef noodles from home, you do not have to be Taiwanese to celebrate this beautiful family oriented festival.  The Taiwanese invite you with open arms for you and your family to enjoy this autumn tradition as well.. You never know just how much you may love it yourself!