Night Markets Of Taiwan

night-market-taiwanNight Markets, also known as street markets, are a Taiwanese tradition and attraction that are enjoyed by not only the people of Taiwan but also the many tourists who come to visit this beautiful country.  While there are a few night markets that occupy actually built & designated marketplaces, most night markets can be found filling the streets and sidewalks throughout Taiwan. Not only do these wonderful markets operate daily, they also offer everything from traditional Taiwanese cuisine to handmade Taiwanese crafts, clothing, snacks or small eats called “xiaochi” and specialty drinks. Night markets originated from the Chinese Tang Dynasty and have grown more and more popular throughout the years.  In fact the night markets of Taiwan are huge tourist attractions that many come from afar just to see and be part of. With the many vendors, loud fast paced music, and delicious food you will definitely want to check one out should you ever visit Taiwan! We have a list of some of our favorite night markets you don’t want to miss!

Night Markets of Taiwan

  • Raohe Street Night Market-  This market is one of the oldest and most traditional found in Taiwan and stretches more than 600 yards or roughly 2,000 feet throughout the streets of the city.  You will find traditional eats, handmade Taiwanese crafts and an amazing atmosphere of people milling around and enjoying the food and everything this market has to offer
  • Shilin Night Market- Probably the most famous night market you will find in Taiwan, it’s traditional-night-market-taipeibeen operating since 1999. This market is considered a big part of Taipeis nightlife and offers more than 500 stores(vendors). You will also find many local specialty dishes here and a huge crowd of people!
  • Huaxi Night Market- This market is known as probably the biggest tourist attraction of all the night markets that are found in Taiwan.  It has been in operation since the 1950’s and is known for its reptilian ways! Think offerings such as snake wine and cooked snake dishes.  In fact it is so well known for its snake fair that its nickname has been dubbed Snake Alley Night Market. Built for the tourists of Taiwan it is also the very first market to operate! Another big attraction found here is the Tainan Tantsumien Seafood Restaurant, with seafood so fresh they literally pick it live before it is cooked for their patrons!  This is also one of the few markets that operate in an actually designated marketplace

taiwanese-night-marketsThere literally are so many wonderful night markets and delicious street food to be found in them when visiting Taipei.  We especially love these three but recommend to you all to explore and decide for yourself which one you think is the best.  Each market may be similar but they also offer different things and have their own uniqueness to them. So forget clubbing and the traditional kind of nightlife should you visit Taiwan, and instead enjoy one of the fantastic night markets. We promise you will not be sorry!