Getting To Know Taiwanese Cuisine

Lin Ho, Hello, once again.  Hopefully you fellow readers have read our last post giving you some insight on the Taiwanese culture. If not that’s ok too, however although we are a culture of East Asia and many associate us with Chinese and the like our culture in all reality is all it’s own.  Reading a bit of the facts and beliefs of the Taiwanese people may help you to better understand our food and magnificent dishes. Although a lot of people may first be a bit apprehensive in tasting some of our most popular and delicious dishes because of what they see or the ingredients they read, in general we think you will be quite surprised by the flavor and the incredible satisfaction these dishes bring to your taste buds.  When we first opened our restaurant Hot Pot City Milpitas here in the bay area we knew that many of the Taiwanese people in the area would appreciate it, but we also hoped to engage those who were not so familiar. Check out a few of our most popular and famous dishes and get ready to experience true flavor at it’s finest.

Favorite Taiwanese Dishes


  • You Fan- also known as glutinous oil rice is a small dish made up of a mixture of sticky rice, pork slices, dried shrimp, mushrooms, soy-sauce and shallots.  It is usually finished with a chili sauce and peanuts. While it may not be for everyone it is one of my very favorite Taiwanese snacks
  • taiwanese-tofuCho Dofu- or in other words stinky tofu.  But don’t let the name fool you this dish is actually delicious!  Many people however, can’t seem to get past the smell but if you are someone that can we know that you will utterly enjoy this dish.  Tofu is fermented with milk, veggies and meat. It is served with pickled veggies and soy sauce if you wish. You can’t knock it until you try it.
  • Taiwanese Beef Rolls- These might be a bit safer to try when just introducing your tastebuds to our cultures food.  Think crispy green onion pancakes that act as a wrap for braised beef slices, pickled veggies and cilantro.  Next we add a semi sweet bean sauce and the flavors just explode in your mouth!
  • Ba Wans- also known as Taiwanese meatballs can throw some off by their appearance. Ricetaiwanese-meatballs flour, starch and water make up the coating of the meatballs and are sticky and translucent in texture.  The filling is minced meat, bamboo shoots and shitake mushrooms. Again it may appear a little strange but it just may turn out to be the best meatball dish you have ever had
  • Niu Rou Mian- “Beef Noodle Soup” comprised of a somewhat spicy broth and noodles.  The soup is then topped with pickled greens, beef shanks and different veggies.  Americans eat chicken noodle soup when they are in need of comfort or are treating a sickness, the Taiwanese turn to this magnificent soup.



There are so many wonderful dishes when it comes to Taiwanese cuisine.  Each cultures food is different and while it can be absolutely delicious and amazing it is safe to say sometimes it takes some getting used to.