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The Full Moon Festival A.K.A. Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncake-mid-autumn-festivalNow that Autumn is upon us and many are getting prepared to celebrate holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas here in America, we thought we would share one of Taiwan’s most favored traditions and celebrations, The Full Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival.  As many of you may know Taiwan is a country and a culture that is big on both family and traditions, the Full Moon Festival being one of the most looked forward to celebrations among Taiwanese families, because afterall it is a family celebration! Read on to learn a little more about this coveted celebration and all that it has to over:

Taiwanese Full Moon Festival

  • Mooncakes- Mooncakes are perhaps what the Mid-Autumn or Moon festival is centered around.  These round “cake” delicacies are shaped for the full moon and the meaning of family.  They are traditionally filled with minced meat such as pork, but in recent years have also been known to be filled with sweet treats such as ice cream.  They are sought after by many at authentic Taiwanese markets, restaurants and bakeries and there really is no celebration without a moon cake!
  • Tales of the Moon- The children of Taiwanese culture look forward to hearing their parents rendition of the two tales centered around the moon.  One tells of Chang’e or the Moon Goddess. chang'e-moon-goddess-taiwanShe is said to have drank a potion that would give her everlasting life and then went to live on the moon where she still resides. The next tale is centered around her and her rabbit companion.  It is told to children that if they look up at the moon they can see the rabbit marked in the full moon.
  • Admiration of the Moon- When the night is clear you gather your family in Taipei and head to the beloved national park named Yangmingshan to gaze up and admire the moon.  Something so simple and majestic yet so fulfilling and great quality time spent with family. You don’t have to be in Taipei or its national park to admire the moon.  You can simply take a few moments anywhere you are and gaze up and appreciate its beauty and light.

While the Full Moon Festival or Mid Autumn Festival is one that is simple it is a prized tradition among most Taiwanese families.  Just like you do not have to be from the Taiwanese culture to appreciate the delicious food or make beef noodles from home, you do not have to be Taiwanese to celebrate this beautiful family oriented festival.  The Taiwanese invite you with open arms for you and your family to enjoy this autumn tradition as well.. You never know just how much you may love it yourself!

Hot Pot City On The Move-Food Truck Coming Soon!

food-truck-san-franciscoWhile we love having our restaurant Hot Pot City here in the Bay Area, and love the view we have created for our patrons while they dine in our establishment, we thought we might branch out a little bit.  We wanted to be able to provide and share our recipes and delectable Taiwanese cuisine with as many visitors, native San Francisco dwellers, and foodies as possible. What better way to do that then adding a food truck to our business.  That’s right in the near future we here at Hot Pot City will be roaming the city of San Francisco and perhaps it’s surrounding areas with our Taiwanese food truck. There is a lot that goes into establishing our truck and the recipes we will be offering from it as well as the overall design for our truck.  Our dream for our food truck is to make it memorable and recognizable by those looking for great food all while strolling the streets of San Francisco. With so much diversity here in the Bay Area, as well as the abundance of great restaurants to choose from we hope to also gain a little more exposure for Hot Pot City.  So where did we start?

First things first, after purchasing our food truck we looked to vehicle vinyl wrapping experts to help us transform our new restaurant on wheels into a noticeable and vibrant advertisement. What we also discovered in the process was that vehicle vinyl wraps are a great way to advertise your business or restaurant and a sound investment at that!

The Benefits Of Vinyl Wrapping Our Food Truck

  • We are able to reach the masses of people found here in San Francisco with our bay-area-food-truckrestaurant name & cuisine
  • Best ROI pertaining to advertising our delicious fare
  • Helps us stand apart from the numerous other food trucks & businesses in the city
  • Our vinyl wrap graphics and design is memorable
  • Helps to brand your business
  • Reaches a more diverse market of people in more than just our location

One of the hardest and perhaps the most challenging things when getting our food truck started is making it stand out from the crowd of some 200+ food trucks that inhibit the Bay Area.  Another aspect that was a bit challenging is the fact that there are still a lot of people out there food-truck-cuisinethat have yet to try Taiwanese cuisine. With our restaurant location those seeking great Taiwanese cuisine generally come to us.  Now with so many people milling about and our food truck in the mix of it we are reaching more people but some or many are a bit apprehensive in trying food from a culture they are not all too familiar with. What did we do to help close that gap and encourage love for Taiwanese cuisine?  We have started going to different areas and providing samples of some of our food. I mean who doesn’t love a sample and a free one at that! Our viewpoint is, is if we can introduce Taiwanese food to those who have yet to experience it we may find those who love it and do not know what they have been missing all this time! Afterall, if you have read a few of our other posts you may have read about the great night markets in the Taiwanese culture.  Food trucks and street food is in our blood and Hot Pot City is ready to get the food on the rode and share our fare with all those who are hungry and ready for some delicious and truly great cuisine!       

Visiting Taiwan-Things To See & Do!

  • taipei-city-taiwanShould you ever have the chance to visit Taiwan, there are simply things that you must see and do.  Especially if you want to be able to get the full experience of this beautiful country and see and immerse yourself in all that it has to offer.  We also know that when visiting a foreign country it can be quite hard to really refine your itinerary so that you have the best experience possible!  Check out our list of must do’s and things to see when visiting the incredible city of Taiwan.

Things To Do When Visiting Taiwan

  • The Golden Waterfall- This waterfall is not only beautiful it is unlike any other.  Located in an area where copper and gold mines were once located, the waterfall is set against the Green-Hulk like Mt Keelung and the Yin Yang Sea.  In fact the waterfalls run off runs into the sea. What’s so Yin-yang-sea-taiwanspectacular about this waterfall is that although the mines have been shut down for years the rain the area gets seeps into the land and reacts with the metal deposits that are still left there creating a beautiful gold shimmer all around and throughout the waterfall.  Seeing it is believing it.
  • Keelung Mountain-  A 45 minute hike to the top of this now extinct volcano will give you sensational panoramic views of the area!
  • Long Shan Temple- This religious temple was built in the 5th year of the Qing Dynasty and is located in Taipei City.  It holds a lot of culture and daily religious practices of some Taiwanese locals can be observed when visiting.  
  • Shi Fen Old Street- This is Taiwan’s city of lovers and dreamers.  There is a constant release of blue lanterns in to the sky throughout the days and is a city to be explored and enjoyed by all.
  • Shi Fen Waterfall- This beautiful natural waterfall has also been dubbed the Niagra Falls of Taiwan.  It is the located along Pingxi Line and is the largest waterfall in the area!
  • Yang Ming Shan National Park- This mountain dwelling is lined with hot springs that many locals and tourists visit to soak in the warm water full of minerals to rejuvenate their mind body and soul.  It’s known as a place of relaxation and tranquility


visiting-taiwanThese are only a handful of the many exquisite places and natural beauty the country of Taiwan has to offer.  Whether exploring nature’s boundaries or the city packed with some of the largest companies and tallest skyscrapers you have ever seen, Taiwan holds something for all types of adventure seekers!


Lín-hó!  Or for those of you who do not speak Taiwanese, Hello!  Welcome to our blog! We have created our site in hopes of sharing the Taiwanese Culture with everyone.  While you may have seen & felt the Taiwanese influence here in the Bay Area, not everyone is familiar with our culture, food,  and ways.  With San Francisco being one of the most culturally diverse cities in America we thought we would share our insights with all those who would like to read our blog! So sit back, relax and enjoy our blog!