A Look Into Our Taiwanese Restaurant

taiwanese-culture-CANot only did we want to share our love for preparing delicious Taiwanese recipes and expose the Bay Area and it’s visitors to the joys of our food, we also wanted to create an atmosphere that looked out on the entirety of the melting pot of cultures found here in San Francisco.  We opened Hot Pot City Milpitas with the dream of spreading our culture and cuisine here in America and having it alongside the others cultures and their exquisite fare. When we first acquired our restaurant space it was a simple space with room for our kitchen, tables, and Taiwanese decorations.  We wanted to “open up” our restaurant so that those from the outside could see in and those from the inside could see out. In fact how amazing do you think it is that we are able to blend cultures their beliefs, traditions, food and religions with those of other beginnings? To me I think that is one of the most amazing things for all people.

So we set out about renovating. First we added custom window replacements, taking out an entire taiwanese-restaurantlength of wall and installing big windows so that those dining in could see the hustle and bustle of the city going on.  Not only that it allowed for those passing by to take a look into our fine establishment and get somewhat of an idea of what we were like.

Next we went about adding our cultures decor and the right type of lighting.  On tuesdays and thursdays you can walk past our windows and see one of our talented kitchen staff members stretching dough for our handmade noodles that can be found in our “Niu Rou Mian” or beef soup. Why do we believed this new renovation helped to make our restaurant a success?


  1. Different Can Be Scary- in all actuality when you are from one culture and are used to your cuisine, practices, and beliefs it can be somewhat intimidating to branch off into another culture entirely new.  Many people take one look at taiwanese meatballs and can’t fathom how they may be good when they have a sticky rice flour shell around them. The unknown is scary. But if you take that leap and try new things you may just find those meatballs are your new favorite dish of all time.
  2. Embracing Everyone- We don’t want to push our taiwanese culture on everyone we want to SHARE it.  San Francisco is perhaps one of the finest cities in the world, in the sense that you can find people from all avenues of life here.  One of the things I like best about living in this city and owning a business is that it is ok to be different and embrace your difference.
  3. Dining Experience- Whether you are going for sushi, a fine italian meal, southern BBQ etc, all cultures offer a different dining experience.  In the french culture they see meal time as something to be savored and enjoyed, thus taking 2 hour lunch breaks and even longer amounts of time over dinners.  Dining in Hot Pot City you are immersed in taiwanese culture and cuisine and get to enjoy our idea of sitting down for a meal.

taiwan-culture-san-fransiscoThe world today has begun more and more to embrace difference.  Although for some it may be harder than others, our world is a place filled with so many wonderful people and things to learn.  Branching out and experiencing other cultures opens your mind and spirit up to all the different walks of life out there. If we can share our culture and cuisine with all that would like to try it and learn about it, we are sharing part of ourselves and the things we cherish and love. Just like our big windows that cover one side of our restaurant, we want you to see into and experience the beauty of the Taiwanese culture!