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Cultural Diversity


One of the greatest things about San Francisco is how culturally diverse the city actually is.  From music, food, festivals and museums to name a few, you can always find an abundance of diversity which makes everyone feel welcome. In a city that is large and home to many it allows people from all walks of life and cultures to immerse themselves as well as share different aspects of who they are and the culture that defines them. What are some of these amazing things?

Explore Cultural Diversity

Music- Should you wish to find classical, opera or a diverse mix of music look no further. This city has it all! There is the San Francisco Opera, San Francisco Symphony, San Francisco Ballet and thediversity-San-Francisco Herbst Theatre which showcases a wide mix of great music. Still there is the New Conservatory Theatre that holds productions by the LGBT community. There is the Magic Theatre which dates back to 1967 and the Intersection of the Arts dating back to 1965.

Cuisine- Probably our favorite part, it’s as if you can travel around the world tasting different dishes from all cultures but all while staying in one city. There is Indian food, Mexican, Taiwanese(our favorite), Tongan, Hawaiian and let’s not forget the home to famous sourdough bread! The grocery stores are something to mention as well. From specialty stores that offer select ingredients meant for the dishes of other cultures to stores that boast only locally grown organic produce. San Francisco literally has just about everything you can think of when it comes to food and the many types of incredible cuisine.

Festivals- We love the many different festivals, street fairs and parades that take place throughout the year. The eclectic bunch of festivals and such are held to celebrate just about every cultural and diverse outlet you can imagine. From Chinese New Year, to gay pride, to the San Francisco marathon this city literally wants to celebrate anyone and everyone and include any who wish to be part of the festivities.

Museums- The museums that are sprinkled throughout the city are incredible as well.The Museum of Modern Art, Asian Art Museum and The California Palace of the Legion of Honor which celebrates European works of ar are just a few of the spectacular places to visit. Showcasing art and what it means to the many different cultures allows for all ethnicities to enjoy and appreciate their art & culture.

Taiwanese-culture-californiaBasically the Bay Area is a city that is a melting pot of people, cultures, diversity and individuality. Allowing for so many different ways of life and beliefs to be brought together for everyone to learn about and cherish! Should you ever be in the San Francisco area please stop in and enjoy an authentic and delicious Taiwanese meal and tell us about your travels and your culture!