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Hot Pot Milpitas Branching Out?

Perhaps this is one of the many reasons we decided to find roots here and open Hot Pot  We wanted to share our culture and the delicious cuisine that defines Taiwan with anyone who wished to indulge. With the many people that visit and live in the Bay Area we often see many customers come and go. The handful of visitors that find their way back to our restaurant frequently when they are in the city become friends and often like family to us here at Hot Pot Milpitas. While we appreciate all of our patrons one such customer has pulled on our heart strings and has opened our minds to possibly branching out with our cuisine past California!

san-francisco-marathonRick, first dined in our restaurant when in town for the San Francisco marathon. Having ran the full 26.2 miles(no small feat) he came through our doors looking for a hearty and delicious meal as well as wanting to try something new. From Fort Collins, Colorado Rick owns a local hot tub repair business and loves to support other family owned businesses. While dining on Hot Pot, beef rolls and You Fan he told us stories of his years in Fort Collins and what it was like living in the cold winter temperatures and the warm green months of summer. While you can find good food in Colorado it is not often that you come across an authentic Taiwanese restaurant like ours he explained. We shared our culture and told him stories of Taiwan and the night markets that can be found there with the delicious aromas of our cultures food wafting through the air.

The next time Rick came in he was in town for a hot tub conference and made time and an effort to make sure he stopped in to grab a bite to eat and talk with us. He also proposed the idea of brining a Hot Pot Milpitas to the Fort Collins area! At first we laughed about it but then began to talk seriously about the what if’s of opening a branch in Colorado.  Afterall according to Rick Hot Pot in the winter Fort-Collins-Coloradowould be AMAZING!! While Rick is not ready to leave his hot tub business to run a Colorado branch of our restaurant he would be a avid and frequent customer he promised as well as send his hot tub clientele to eat too!

While opening another location in Colorado or another state for that matter is a dream for now, we did realize that Taiwanese food is not as easily found as many other ethnicities. We hope in the near future we are able to realize our dream of branching out and sharing our Taiwanese cuisine with many others throughout the United States. Should you ever come to the Bay Area, a city that is a melting pot of cultural diversity please stop in for delicious Hot Pot or house made beef rolls or any other delicious menu item we may offer. Until we make it to Fort Collins we hope to spread the love for Taiwanese cuisine one San Francisco native or visitor at a time!